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Биография carolina herrera

Каролина Херера - биография, фотографии

Полное имя: Астрид Каролина Эррера Иррасабаль
Место рождения: Каракас
Дата рождения: 23.06.63
Знак зодиака: Рак

Всё началось с моего участия в конкурсе Мисс Венесуэла. Но даже выиграв титул Мисс Мира, я не думала об артистической карьере. Мне просто нравилось участвовать в конкурсе, и лишь затем стали поступать различные предложения из сферы рекламы, моды и телевидения.

In her thirties, Herrera began to appear regularly on the International Best Dressed lists, and in 1980 she and her husband moved to New York with the children. Nearing 40, she considered trying some sort of fashion-related business venture and thought about fabric design. A longtime friend, fashion publicist Count Rudi Crespi, suggested that she do an entire line of clothing instead. Former magazine editor and style icon Diana Vreeland enthusiastically agreed. Others, including Herrera's husband and mother-in-law, were more skeptical. Herrera had little business sense and had collected paychecks only during her stint at Pucci.

Launched Company in Borrowed Digs

In the fall of 1980, Herrera brought to New York about 20 dresses her dressmaker had made for her in Caracas. She borrowed the Park Avenue apartment of an acquaintance and invited her friends and acquaintances to see them. Soon, buyers for some of New York's upscale fashion retailers arrived and wanted to take the entire line, but Herrera had no company and no way of putting a production deal together. Back in Caracas, she met publishing tycoon Armando de Armas, who offered to back her, and within a few months a design atelier and showroom, Carolina Herrera Ltd., opened on New York's Seventh Avenue in the fashion industry's heart. Her first full collection was shown at New York's Metropolitan Club in April 1981.

Если моя работа над IIMSAM сохранила бы жизнь одному ребёнку из 40,000 детей, которые умирают от недоедания и связанных с этим болезней каждый день, я назвала бы это самым значимым делом моей жизни.

Оригинальный текст  (англ.)  

Этот наряд превратился в главную интригу свадебной моды прошлого года. Отделка спины платья стала изюминкой наряда: шикарные тонкие кружева и дорожка из перламутровых пуговиц, которая тянулась от спины к краю шлейфа.

Herrera's company enjoyed even stronger sales after she designed the wedding dress for Caroline Kennedy in 1986. It made her a household name overnight across North America, and the ultra-feminine gown was quickly copied. Soon Herrera's business expanded to include not just her "pret-a-porte" or designer line and the made-to-order items for women like Onassis, but bridal wear and a lower-priced line named CH. In 1988 she launched a fragrance line with an eponymous, jasmine-heavy scent based on the memory of a jasmine bush that bloomed outside her bedroom in Caracas when she was a teenager. Lucrative licensing agreements for accessories, costume jewelry, and eyewear boosted the fortunes of her company even further. By 1990, after a decade in business, its wholesale figures reached $20 million. She celebrated by opening a new, luxurious showroom on Seventh Avenue.

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In 1981, her friend Diana Vreeland, then Editor-in-Chief of ‘Vogue’, suggested that she should design a clothing line. She made some samples in Caracas, and displayed her collection at Manhattan's Metropolitan Club which received positive critical acclaim.

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Her business started quite small with just a dozen employees but soon grew rapidly and the socialites who knew her became some of her first devoted customers. Women like Estee Lauder, a cosmetics tycoon, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the former First Lady, became her clients.

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In the late 1980s, Spanish fragrance company ‘Puig’ licensed the name of ‘Carolina Herrera’ to develop and market a line of perfumes. In 1991, she created a top-selling men's scent, ‘Herrera for Men’, and regularly added new women's products to the line.

Отрицательная энергия - самое большое колдовство,
которое существует на свете.

Minibiografia de Astrid Carolina Herrera (RCTV)

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